My name is Ivanka and I love gadgets. Gadgets and technical kit.

For this site I thought it might be useful if I started adding some reviews of the kit we use. It’s early days (as we haven’t actually started our trip yet!) but let’s see how I get on.

Just in case you are similarly disposed and would like to read about the kit I have or the kit I want you could start by clicking here for reviews or here for wishlist. I try and make the reviews useful so let me know if you think I have missed anything. If you have some kit you want to tell me about then please post a comment or email me at ivanka dot majic [at] gmail dot com.

Based on write-ups from lots of different people I have bought the Trangia stove and cook set which should probably be my next review – though, based on current levels of business I will be testing it out in the back garden! No rest for the wicked, eh?