I am in the library in Fairbanks Alaska using a borrowed eee PC running some flavour of Linux (am still paying attention, but not that much!)

Janet and Rob gave us a lift here and lent us the computers. We have been staying with them for the last two nights, just outside of Fairbanks in a beautiful log cabin hand built by Robert. It is a perfect spot to rest up and recover from the trip to the top of the Dalton Highway (and back down again!).

Snow. Mud. Wind. Bears. Caribou. Rain. Mosquitoes. Lynx. Gravel. Gumbo.

The first stop we made along the highway was at the hot spot cafe for a burger. Mile post 60. We pitched our tent in the campsite and were sitting at a picnic bench swatting mosquitos (who will get their own post) and chatting to the site hosts when a car pulled up and a lady got out.

“Have you seen a Spanish cyclist called Salvo?”

“No, and we have been here for a little while”.

“Oh, I thought he would be this far south by now, I brought him some dinner. Fancy a glass of wine?”

The three of us sat down and polished off best part of a bottle of delicious red and exchanged a few stories. Janet wrote out directions to her house and left to go home.

Salva came by the next day so we fed him and made him some coffee (no wine by then). He has some good stories too. He has been travelling round the world by bicycle since 2006!

So, after a hard yet spectacular journey, here we are.

Thanks Janet! And Salva who brought her up the highway! And warmshowers.org who put them together.