Video Diaries Part 3 – Arriving in California

Video Diaries Part 3

Route 99

Route 99

Last weekend Ivanka and I went on arguably one of the best rides in the world for motorcycling

The route from Vancouver to Whistler is amazing and it is great to do it in summer and during the day as it is a road that I have only passed before during the winter months.

Consisting of 130km of winding tarmac, climbs, views, islands, glaciers, waterfalls, eagles, sunshine – all leading to one of the best outdoor playgrounds out there. Have a look at our Flickr account or gallery page for the latest images.

I salute you route 99 and the ‘Furry Creek.’

Next stop Vancouver Island and we have kayaking with Orcas on the radar..

The Midnight Sun and moving South

The Midnight Sun and moving South

Yukon River, Whitehorse – Far Northern Canada

Now we are in the capital of the Yukon Terrirory, a town called Whitehorse and its a large outdoor playground. Arriving here after two days of continuous rain.. it is a pleasure to see the sun shinning today as we take a day off the bike, eat some tastey food and have a good lie in.. Life is hard on the road.

What we did in Fairbanks..
We saw the midnight sun with our friend Rob from Fairbanks, I cut down a few trees with him and had a go on his ATV (All terrain vehicle).. now we are planning to head into British Columbia and hit some serious mountain roads.

F#ck Me – There’s a Moose in the middle of the road!

Hairiest moment over the last few days was seeing a 8 foot moose in the middle of the road as I turned a wet corner on the Klondike Highway. Plus I had to pick up the 350 kg bike one morning as it sank into the wet earth and toppled over.

Loads of happy people on the road with loads of stories to tell.. Whether its which route to take, how to deal with bears or just general chit chat – all is good.

Heading down the Cassiar-Stewart Highway in the morning – Should take 4 days or so.. Apparently lots of wildlife and lots of trees.. funny that!