Kit is very important to us and that is why we have taken lots of time to think about which kit works and which doesn’t so we can help others make the right decisions in future about what to buy or what problems to expect with kit.

For example, there is a clear difference between using an item everyday for ten months compared to just using it just at the weekend and this is where we can encounter a difference in quality.

The thing is we personally don’t mind paying good money for gadgets, clothing, camping equipment, motorbikes etc but if you pay good money you expect quality (well we do)!

In this relatively new section of the site we offer honest feedback on equipment that we have used everyday on our big adventure motorcycling trip from the top to bottom of the world; these are items that have been carried round from campsite to hotel, one country to another and we are offering feedback on fitness for purpose mainly, plus other feedback which we feel is relevant.

We are big advocates for good products and good service, so have a look and see what we think by referring to our reviews section in our right hand side menu.

Please feel free to offer your feedback too so we can share opinions to potential consumers out there.


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