Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

My family home is in Vitina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My mother, who is now mostly retired, comes and spends her summers here and she has long been looking for something that she can do from May to September. Enter our new biker friendly hostel!

I think the last 10 months of traveling have made us some sort of experts and my mother is an overlander of great pedigree having done London to Singapore on an Odyssey Overland truck. She then did Australia, New Zealand and South America in a similar style. You can see some of her pictures here.

We have parking, internet, shower, clean beds, room to sit in the shade and have a beer and tons and tons of information on how to get the best out of the area. If you come in September you may even be able to pick yourself a delicious pomegranate!

Tell your friends and pop by to hang out with the Majic Family!

Ivanka, Nick and Ann (a.k.a Mrs Majic)



South East Coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires – It’s time to come home!

South East Coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires

Featuring the final leg of the journey as we headed from Tierra Del Fuego up Ruta 3, all the way to Buenos Aires. This adventure motorcyling video features clips from the stunning Peninsula Valdes with all its wildlife all the way up to packaging the bike with the freight forwarding company at the Buenos Aires airport.

A big thank you to everyone we have met along the way – it has been the most incredible journey and one we will keep with us forever.

For those of you in the UK and in Croatia, we look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Crossing the Bolivian Desert – Video

Crossing the Bolivian Desert

These are the video highlights of one day motorcycling in Bolivia.

We had left the Uyuni Salt Flats and were heading to Chile via a national park with promise of beautiful lakes, flamingos and hot-springs. That was definitely true but the road was tough, very tough, as you will see.

Remember, the harder bits aren’t on video because Ivanka had to hold on.

Update from Chile – Road blocks and dodgey old bridges

Update from Chile

Sorry we haven’t reported in for a while!

We have been in deepest Chile/ Patagonia/ Argentina in the middle of the mountains with very little internet.

Here are a few videos, the first one of which gives you a good update of what we encountered in Chile.

The second one shows you what the road was like as we drove four bikes over a rickety bridge to get back from a campsite.

The Amazon in Ecuador

The Amazon in Ecuador

Ecuador has been absolutely stunning and we wished we could have stayed longer.

We visited the Ecuadorian part of the amazon for several days and travelled into the jungle by boat with a guide. Here we were introduced to how the locals manage to find everything they need through plants and flora – and it was incredible to hear what they have as resources: medicine, cotton, penicillin, poison, anti-biotics and much more. Here is our latest vid featuring some dutch guys who travelled into the jungle with us.

Lots of fun was had by all on this part of the adventure motorcycling trip.

There’s Diesel in my Beemer – What am I Gonna do?*


Today we made a big mistake.

We arrived at a petrol station, looked at the pumps and then filled the bike up with what we thought was Premium Petrol/ Gasoline.

So we set off out the petrol station and within 20 metres the bike spluttered to a stand still. Straight away we went to the pumps at the Petrol station to double check things and within seconds Ivanka was waving over saying that we had put Diesel in – Shit!

Within a few minutes we were taking the tank off, disconnecting the fuels lines and removing the plugs from the bike. A big thank you to our travelling buddy Mark who knew exactly what to do with a no messing approach.Plus Mark even had a spare fuel line connector to replace one that broke.

Here we are below:

So there we were, everything back together, we had swilled the tank out with petrol, we turned the bike over so it was spit out excess diesel – but still the bike sounded a bit poorly. Anyway, we filled the bike up to the brim with petrol and then tried to turn the bike over.

To start off with there was nothing, then after pulling the plugs out 3 or 4 times (and replacing with new ones because we could) and siphoning petrol into the combustion chamber we eventually started the bike and now it runs as smooth as ever. The siphoning top tip was given by some local dudes hanging around the petrol station.. They asked for all of our excess diesel so the diesel was gladly given in exchange for their roadside knowldge.

The rest of the day brought us more challenges in the form of constant mountain rain, tight scenic mountain bends and the odd narrow bridge.

We are now in western Panama in the mountains in a town called Boquete.

It has been a great adventure of a day and we are all now waiting for some of Ivanka’s hot chicken soup.

*The title of this tune should be sung to the tune of UB40 – There’s a rat in my kitchen. See here:

San Jose in Costa Rica – News from the smoking room

San Jose in Costa Rica

Join Ivanka, Nick, Glen, Mark and Maggie as they bring you a video update from the Piano room at Rosa Del Paseo. From their boutique residence in the financial district of San Jose they talk about their latest exploits on this adventure motorcycling business.

Life isn’t that tough on the road yer know!

Travel update from Leon in Nicaragua – Video

Travel update from Leon in Nicaragua

Filmed from Leon in Nicaragua, Nick gives an update regarding their whereabouts on their adventure motorcycling trip. Featuring the journey from Alaska, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador to Nicaragua.


Five feet

Five feet

Yesterday we arrived in Mazatlan. We got off the ferry at about 12.20.

We were riding towards San Blas when we were caught in a massive rainstorm so we stopped at a little roadside drinks place. I had a beer and Nick had a coffee.

We saw a dog with five feet.

The rain stopped and we rode on.

Now we are staying in a little hotel with a pelican in the garden.

True story.

Route 99

Route 99

Last weekend Ivanka and I went on arguably one of the best rides in the world for motorcycling

The route from Vancouver to Whistler is amazing and it is great to do it in summer and during the day as it is a road that I have only passed before during the winter months.

Consisting of 130km of winding tarmac, climbs, views, islands, glaciers, waterfalls, eagles, sunshine – all leading to one of the best outdoor playgrounds out there. Have a look at our Flickr account or gallery page for the latest images.

I salute you route 99 and the ‘Furry Creek.’

Next stop Vancouver Island and we have kayaking with Orcas on the radar..

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