Planning an Adventure Motorcycling Trip

Planning an Adventure Motorcycling Trip

Planning for an Adventure Motorcycling Trip.

Here is a video which introduces the idea of planning for an adventure motorcycling trip. Not one of our most exciting videos but informative none the less and it covers essential feedback from our trip along with top tips ahead of your trip should you go away in future. The image we have selected for this post is a bridge crossing in Patagonia with friends Kevin, Markus and Glenn; a fantastic part of the trip and really defining the term adventure motorcycling.

Why and when are you going on your adventure motorcycling trip?

Is it a sabbatical trip, are you doing it for charity or are you looking to escape your current world? When are you going to make the trip, have you thought about the variety of seasons you may be passing through, how many miles in total will it be and what sort of money will you be taking?

Where will you go off on your adventure motorcycling tour?

Have you got time to go through Asia, what are the visa requirements. Did you know that it was relatively easy for a Brit to pass through North and South America?

Adventure Motorcycling Top Tips.

Here we tell you why the SPOT, the tent, different wallets, learning to pick your bike up and a Sat Nav are gadgets and pieces of kit that we highly recommend.

Here is our planning guide to adventure motorcycling.

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