Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

My family home is in Vitina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My mother, who is now mostly retired, comes and spends her summers here and she has long been looking for something that she can do from May to September. Enter our new biker friendly hostel!

I think the last 10 months of traveling have made us some sort of experts and my mother is an overlander of great pedigree having done London to Singapore on an Odyssey Overland truck. She then did Australia, New Zealand and South America in a similar style. You can see some of her pictures here.

We have parking, internet, shower, clean beds, room to sit in the shade and have a beer and tons and tons of information on how to get the best out of the area. If you come in September you may even be able to pick yourself a delicious pomegranate!

Tell your friends and pop by to hang out with the Majic Family!

Ivanka, Nick and Ann (a.k.a Mrs Majic)



One comment on “Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

  1. Hallo Ivanka and mom,
    That soundds great! I have been wanting to show Iván BiH and get back there myself. Stopping by Vitina with your mom seems like an inviting option! Saludos, Uli e Iván

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