Patagonia to Ushuaia – the bottom of the world

Patagonia to Ushuaia

This part of the trip has been a absolute pleasure with breathtaking scenery and remoteness that we haven’t encountered before!

Here are the highlights of Patagonia all the way from southern Chile to southern Argentina.

Highlights include arriving in Ushuaia at the bottom of the world and the all the amazing scenery along the way.
The video also features scenes of a domestic nature ‘egggate’ as Nick and Ivanka have a few words about why the eggs were broken? This adventure motorcycling isn’t straight forward you know!


2 comments on “Patagonia to Ushuaia – the bottom of the world

  1. Darbz and Cal on said:

    Congratulations Nick and Ivanka,
    All the Best
    Darbz and Carolyn

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