A Day in Peru – Canyon del Pato – Video

A Day in Peru

This video shows a complete day on the bike from dawn til dusk as we start the day with a puncture, then join our fellow motorcyclists James and Glen and tackle the Canyon del Plato between Trujillo and Huaraz in the Andes.

This day was a very memorable day and some of the best riding we have done for a long long time.

Riding through desert landscapes, arid river passes, remote mountain villages and the best of all the Canyon. This road featured 40 tunnels, 8 hours of riding, waterfalls, old derelict coal mines, lots of oncoming traffic (even in tunnels) and semi passable bridges.

By the way, the rough road finishes with a double rainbow, heavy rain and then we finally find a hotel room on this particular day about 8.30pm.

The following day we find that the puncture we repaired did not hold together very well so we head for a tyre repair guy to do a better job than we did.

Ramble on by Led Zeppelin definitely does the day justice.


6 comments on “A Day in Peru – Canyon del Pato – Video

  1. Best video so far as far as scenery, what an amazing terrain, really nice, wish I was there too. Love the ruggedness, the tunnels and wooden bridges. I posted a link on my Google+ account and on my Facebook account. Nick, include Ivanka on all the videos, her laugh is the best part, have fun and keep posting, :-)

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