Crossing from Panama to Colombia – the Darien Gap

Crossing from Panama to Colombia

A major part of the trip so far as we cross from Central America to South America
Leaving from a small fishing village called Carti in the Panama jungle and then heading on a four day crossing to the big city lights of Cartagena in Colombia via the San Blas Islands.

In short one of the most exciting things we have done for a very long time. From the buzz of hoisting the motorbike in the air and placing it on a 100 year old fishing boat, to snorkelling along the reefs of the San Blas Islands.

It feels superb to be now settled in Colombia, with the second half of the Americas to look forward to.

Enjoy the video.

9 comments on “Crossing from Panama to Colombia – the Darien Gap

  1. Helle Lemche on said:

    Hey you to

    What a great film !!!!!!!!!!!

    Anders and Helle

  2. Iván and I are excited to see your adventurous video! We need to get the informtion off of you about that boat trip. We would love to celebrate Christmas with you in Colombia, but we don’t believe in Christmas, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) besos y abrazos

  3. Nice! Keep the updates coming!

  4. You two seem to be having the time of your lives, I’m really enjoying the blog and Ivanka’s contagious laugh ;-)
    Keep up the good work and have fun, one day I hope to do something like you guys are doing.
    PS – don’t let Ivanka put gas (petrol) on the bike anymore ;-)

  5. Henrietta on said:

    Thanks for sending this update Nick – WOW – what an adventure you’re both having. Fantastic. To say I am jealous is not the word!
    Take Care xxxx

  6. great clips and story. well done to you. Look forward to following you as the miles continue!

  7. Wow, how fabulous! I didn’t even know you had gotten married until I read your LinkedIn message! It looks like you’re both having a brilliant time and an incredible adventure – I bet you’ll be really glad you documented the whole thing.

    Looking forward to reading about the next leg!


  8. Mum & Rod on said:

    Once again great video. We’re off on our travels soon!! We’ll be thinking of you when basking in the sunshine on the patio.
    Seriously though looks like you are having a continuous blast. Have a brilliant Christmas.
    Text us when you get the phone.
    Love and kisses from all XX

    Mum & Rod.

  9. Good work guys, I hope the bike is running good now. Have a happy Christmas and a merry new year. See you next time

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