Archive Footage – Salmon Glacier near Hyder.

Archive Footage

Hyder, Salmon Glacier in British Colombia.
Nick and Ivanka take a break on route up the long trek to Salmon Glacier. A long gravel road, bears on route – with some of the most spectacular scenery we have seen so far on the trip. Quite a challenging narrow road with steep drops to one side, then of course the odd bear to watch out for.

A memorable journey indeed.

That evening we booked ourselves into our first hotel stay of the trip. This was because every camp ground had massive bear signs up stating that all food should be kept in the bear lockers and all pets should be kept indoors. All a bit too excessive so we thought we deserved the comfort of a nice hotel without the worries of bears prowling around the tent while we tried to sleep.

Very soon we will be heading back to the mountains as we head towards the Andes via southern Colombia and Ecuador.

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