There’s Diesel in my Beemer – What am I Gonna do?*


Today we made a big mistake.

We arrived at a petrol station, looked at the pumps and then filled the bike up with what we thought was Premium Petrol/ Gasoline.

So we set off out the petrol station and within 20 metres the bike spluttered to a stand still. Straight away we went to the pumps at the Petrol station to double check things and within seconds Ivanka was waving over saying that we had put Diesel in – Shit!

Within a few minutes we were taking the tank off, disconnecting the fuels lines and removing the plugs from the bike. A big thank you to our travelling buddy Mark who knew exactly what to do with a no messing approach.Plus Mark even had a spare fuel line connector to replace one that broke.

Here we are below:

So there we were, everything back together, we had swilled the tank out with petrol, we turned the bike over so it was spit out excess diesel – but still the bike sounded a bit poorly. Anyway, we filled the bike up to the brim with petrol and then tried to turn the bike over.

To start off with there was nothing, then after pulling the plugs out 3 or 4 times (and replacing with new ones because we could) and siphoning petrol into the combustion chamber we eventually started the bike and now it runs as smooth as ever. The siphoning top tip was given by some local dudes hanging around the petrol station.. They asked for all of our excess diesel so the diesel was gladly given in exchange for their roadside knowldge.

The rest of the day brought us more challenges in the form of constant mountain rain, tight scenic mountain bends and the odd narrow bridge.

We are now in western Panama in the mountains in a town called Boquete.

It has been a great adventure of a day and we are all now waiting for some of Ivanka’s hot chicken soup.

*The title of this tune should be sung to the tune of UB40 – There’s a rat in my kitchen. See here:

3 comments on “There’s Diesel in my Beemer – What am I Gonna do?*

  1. Iain Farrell on said:

    Oh man! That was so lucky that you had tools and talent with you. Phew! You’re having such adventures! :)

  2. Outch… you’re damn lucky indeed there! BTW, how’s the BMW’s reliablity treating you sofar on your journey?

  3. bbbadmin on said:

    @MacSlow It has been excellent – touch wood! Did you not see my amazing technical update? :-)

    Since that video one of the seals on the front fork dampers went and we got that fixed in Costa Rica.

    How are you? Still riding around on silly fast machines?

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