Travel update from Leon in Nicaragua – Video

Travel update from Leon in Nicaragua

Filmed from Leon in Nicaragua, Nick gives an update regarding their whereabouts on their adventure motorcycling trip. Featuring the journey from Alaska, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador to Nicaragua.


2 comments on “Travel update from Leon in Nicaragua – Video

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  2. Mr & Mrs H!

    So sorry it’s been so long to get in touch, just busy having a really great life without
    you! Saw lovely Ann a couple of weeks ago, she said she doesn’t love you anymore
    and I’m now her daughter!
    Brightons great, bit like El Salvador, so don’t really know why you are there – boring!
    Have a mountain bike now H! Been doing a few off road ‘radical’ rides! Want to do some
    night riding, wish you were here my ginger fuzzy friend!
    Off to teach in Whitehawk tomorrow – way better than where you are!

    Love & miss you both!

    Stay safe & come home soon ‘cos I’m bored!


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