Motorcycle Diary 1 – Video

Motorcycle Diary 1

We received an email from our dear friend Rob Shenton today and he was asking how the bike was – So we made a quick video so you can see how the bike is holding up.

We are now in a town called Palenque which is in the state of Chiapas very close to the Guatemala border.
We are staying in a cheap hotel, hanging out with a Swiss guy called Andrew and we are making plans for the next episode in our journey which is Guatemala. We will make the Mexico/ Guatemala border crossing in a few days.

2 comments on “Motorcycle Diary 1 – Video

  1. I talked to the swiss guy on June 21 in Chicken Alaska, he was having front brake issues, he needed pads. Glad to see he is still going.

    Here’s some pictures of him…..

  2. bbbadmin on said:

    Cool! We are still hanging out with him today so we showed him your blog. Heh! I like the small world thing there :-)

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