3000 miles across Mexico to Guatemala

3000 miles across Mexico to Guatemala

Over the last couple of weeks we have been moving pretty fast through Mexico and we have seen some incredible sights.

The journey from the US /Mexican border at Tijuana to Guatemala is about 3000 miles doing the route we are taking. A route which takes us through most of the places we want to go to, however it misses out some of the places we did want to go to but we have chosen to avoid them because the foreign office and the locals tell you not to go there for example: Acapulco, Chihuaha, Monterey, Veracruz.

This has been our route so far:

  • Down the Pacific Baja Peninsula, over to Mazatlan (to the mainland by ferry from La Paz), to San Blas on the west coast.
  • Over to Chapala (a lakeside riviera to Guadalajara)
  • To Guanajuato a historic centre and then onto to the sun and moon pyramids at Teotihuacan,
  • Oaxaca and it’s coast and then we are going to amble the rest of the journey as we read about what there is to see and do!

As I write this we are in a beautiful place called Oaxaca.

Mexico has offered a real diversity. We started with desert lands, cactus forests and colder Pacific seas. Then surrounding Mexico city there were in the central highlands which went up to 3000 m with much needed cooler mountain air.

People have been so friendly but our time with them has been short as we are on such a whirl wind tour.

A couple of days ago we met our first bent Mexican copper who wanted money from the intrepid tourists. He actually wanted to fine us for having 04 in our number plate as a vehicle with this number isn’t allowed on a toll road around Mexico city on a Wednesday. We played the game.

It could have been a more intimidating encounter as he threatened to take the bike off us if we didn’t pay the fine. We ended up giving him 15 US dollars rather than 300 he was asking for after we proclaimed and protested and we told him of our honey moon which maybe helped lower the price? He did congratulate us!
This afternoon we are heading to the coast to meet friends of friends who have offered to take us to the Oaxaca coast and show us around.

The next real challenge is preparing for what Guatemala has to offer and we are pleased to say we have booked a boat across the Darien Gap for 22nd Nov which will take us from Panama to Colombia so we will be in S. America from December.

Internet access becomes more flaky as we go along and I am not sure we will ever be able to upload our latest – very funny – video!


More soon.

3 comments on “3000 miles across Mexico to Guatemala

  1. Sorry you got to meet a bent cop here. It’s been over 15 years since that sort of thing has happened to me, and I think I’d just blow them off now if they tried something like that today. I guess, it was only $15, but it encourages them to continue the scam. Travel safe and well, and enjoy Oaxaca and Chiapas.

  2. bbbadmin on said:

    Hi Michael,

    With some research I am pretty sure that we were totally in the wrong. See this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoy_No_Circula

    I can’t find a perimeter map of the area covered by the driving restrictions but I am pretty sure we simply should not have been making that journey on a Wednesday and that we are lucky that our bike didn’t get confiscated.

    What does trouble me is that we didn’t know! We don’t like trouble so take a bit of time to research road rules and regulations but this one escaped us completely! I spoke with another biker who said he saw signs but that was on entering Mexico City not the surrounding state – we were very much on the outskirts. Whether we were on the edge and the policeman took advantage or not is almost irrelevant now – I am more worried about other things like this we will fail to find!


  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying Mexico, it’s a great place and the people friendly. Shame about the copper asking for a bribe. We have only had it happen to us once in our 4 year trip and that was in Argentina. Talked our way out of paying, we hadn’t done anything wrong, he just wanted money.

    What boat are you taking from Panama to Colombia? We used the Stahlratte, excellent boat with plenty of room and a great skipper.

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