Video Diaries Part 3 – Arriving in California

Video Diaries Part 3

5 comments on “Video Diaries Part 3 – Arriving in California

  1. Briony on said:

    Looks lovely.. can you send the sunshine here please!
    Nick – you a growing a very manly beard. If you need any tips…
    love to you both
    B xxxxxx

  2. Jude and I are so glad you surfaced again. We were about to come looking for you. Thank you so much for adding Anchor Struck to your blogroll. Stay safe and remember to stop at Nepenthe in Big Sur. Also, Swede Anderson’s in Buellton CA has a terrific travelers’ special of split pea soup and all the warm breads you can eat, and nearby Solvang has some wonderful bakeries.

  3. j pimmel on said:

    Great to hear from you all… So i hear that the US is now a whistlestop onto the rest of the world… Dontcha just love the US border regulations.. Ho hum. Nevermind, clearly the way it turned out it was meant to be!

    Look forward to the next installment!

  4. Dennis on said:

    Nick and Ivanka
    it was a pleasure meeting you at Albion camp site. still dont know what kind of creature was making all that noise from the river- intersting.

    its amazing journey ahead- best wishes on safe/plansant journey home.


  5. Bloisy on said:

    Bears and Tuna – don’t mix!

    Love it and love you guys. x

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