Mosquitos in the far north

Number 1
The Alaska mosquitos are great
In stature and also in weight
When spring comes around
They come out of the ground
And to be bit through your clothes is your fate!

Number 2
When Alaska’s mosquitos come round
From their slumber beneath frozen ground
To be covered in deet
from your head to your feet
Is your mission lest you should be found!

Number 3
Alaska’s mosquitos do suck
And they suck and they suck and they suck
You’ll be covered in welts
As big as grizzly bear pelts
And the mozzies? They won’t give a fuck!

I am going to stop now. I think I have got my message across.

One comment on “Mosquitos in the far north

  1. Julian on said:

    A friend of my sisters has just come back from Siberia where he says the Mosquitos are the size of horses and bit as hard…sounds like the same deal in Alaska! Time to wear a teflon suit I reckon…don’t give them anything to hang onto:)

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