Deadhorse in Alaska. Through the Arctic Circle and along the Dalton Highway

Deadhorse in Alaska. Through the Arctic Circle and along the Dalton Highway

What a journey the first few weeks has been and probably the most challenging motorcycling I have ever done. For 8 days Ivanka and I had to negotiate thick mud, blizzards, gravel, bears, oncoming trucks and this was about a 1,000 mile round trip… It feels great to get back on the tarmac I must say!

As I sit and write this post we are in a library in Fairbanks where we have been kindly looked after by Janet and Rob. They offered us a place to stay when we bumped into them on the road and so we are now crashing in their lovely camper van just outside of Fairbanks.

To date we managed to get the bike out of customs rather swiftly with no problems whatsoever.. then after this we headed north through Eagle River outside of Anchorage and we headed for the Chena Hot Springs outside of Fairbanks. Here we had a couple of days to get used to the 24 hr daylight hours, we hung out in the hot baths and then we hit the road up to the Artic Circle.

Our first two weeks has been incredible. For ‘out of towners’ even camping in the artic wilderness where you know bears are roaming is a challenge. There was the night when Ivanka made me go out side and push the bike away from the tent because we had food in it.. and there was the rustling of the tent and she thought there was a predator outside. All was ok – I fought the bear off and we then went back to bed..

People have been amazing and generous too.. Everyone is super friendly.

This is all for now as I am running out of time. When I get back to the computer I want to give you more information about what the road on the Dalton Highway was actually like – one of the best things I have done for a while!!

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