Awesome beauty

Awesome beauty

Seeing something truly awesome provokes an immediate and emotional response in me that is welcome and at the same time completely overwhelming.

We have already traveled so far and yet comepleted such a small fraction of our journey and of what it is possible to see.

Yesterday we rode from Hyder towards the Salmon Glacier. The ride is mile after mile of that feeling. Nature presents itself at its most awesome. Enormous sweeping glacier meets sheer rock face, deep ravines and beautiful giant trees.

My heart beats faster, my eyes fill with tears and I laugh.

I can’t photograph this. I can’t show you the feeling that you will get when you rought the corner that gives you the first glimpse of the glacier.

This is awesome beauty. Stunning and scary.

8 comments on “Awesome beauty

  1. Marcus on said:

    Wow! That’s all I can say to that photo. Hope all is well

  2. Bloisy on said:

    I hear you lady, loud and clear! Amazing. xx

  3. Brett Beutel on said:

    Looks like you are both off to a great start. Keep the rubber side down and the pics and insights coming. Cheers, Brett and Racheal in Albuquerque , NM, USA

  4. kelsey on said:

    Hello. Thanks for the updates. Following with keen interest. Good luck!


  5. Hazel Harper on said:

    Looks like another world..beautiful

  6. Hey that’s sounds like one hell of a feeling. I remember seeing the fox glacier (or was it the fraser) in NZ and being blown away. Hope you two are having fun and having been eaten by grizzlies yet? Any good bear photos and I don’t mean of the gay variety ;-) Mind you that could be one of your challenges although from my limited experience there is no diff visually between US bears and rednecks.. apart from when you mention Celine Dion that is. xx

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