Sea Kayaking in Croatia

Sea Kayaking in Croatia

I brought Nick to Croatia and Hercegovina for the first time in May.

The first trip was a long weekend. We flew into Split, hired a car and the first place we went to visit was Murter. I met Ante via my work as he attends UDS (the Ubuntu Developer Summit) and he mentioned that he has started a sea kayaking business on the island of Murter off the coast of Croatia. May is a great time to do it. There are hardly any tourists, the weather is warm and sunny but not the baking 35 degrees plus that we get in summer and the sea is slightly chillier but nothing that two people who normally go kayaking in Brighton, UK can’t handle.

Ante calls his outfit Jamming Adventures ( and he has a whole selection of Old Town kayaks which (much to my delight) have rudders which makes the business of changing direction infinitely easier than it is in the very basic Bic sit-on-top sea kayaks that we have.

Is this a promotional post? Very much so. We had a wonderful day kayaking around to the little islands around Murter, had a great lunch of fresh fish at one of the restaurants along the coast and if you like a bit of sport and exercise mixed in with your adventuring this is a great thing to do. Ante can organise longer trips and outings, transfers, accommodation, the whole package. Murter is well positioned on the coast so if you want a day away from the sea you can fit in some sight-seeing.


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  1. Hi everybody! I would like to add that Croatia and the Adriatic region is really perfect for kayaking because of its crystal blue sea and many little islands, like those near Murter. Beside kayaking, it is an excellent sailing destination. My favourite and now world famous is island Hvar, near Split, with plenty of historical sights, splendid landscapes and a great offer of adventure activities like cycling, hiking,sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, etc…(more info on those at I’ve been to Brighton some time ago and I had no idea people actually go kayaking in those waters, so different from the Adriatic. And it is great to hear you catch fish and respect the ocean. Many enjoyable moments to all and good luck with your trip, sounds so exciting, can’t wait to read more about it!!

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