Division of labour

We are taking one bike. I like being the pillion passenger and, apart from a brief spell when I was about 18 I have never wanted to ride a motorbike. Riding pillion is incredibly relaxing. For someone like me who is always doing something sitting still for long periods of time watching the world go by has been a revelation. I find it wonderfully meditative and I love the thinking time that it gives me.

Nick is in charge of the bike. The driving, the mending, the making sure we have the mechanics in order.

I am in charge of navigation. The route, where we sleep, where we eat. Nick gets to veto any decision based on what he feels comfortable with as the driver. If he is tired, we stop. If the road looks dodgy, we look for a new route.

I am also in charge of tech. Navigation tech and communication tech.

Entertainment tech also falls into my area of responsibility. Because we want to be able to be pretty independent I have been looking at cooking devices – including fuel – and how to stay connected to the Internet no matter where we are.

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