It is all good and well to decide one evening that what we really want to do is take 6 months off and go traveling round the world on a motorbike, it is a very different thing to agree how and when that should be done!

Nick came home from a ‘night out with the lads’ one evening last spring: “do you fancy going round the world on the motorbike?”



I looked at him for a couple of seconds. We release our product in April, I will have done two years at work and, if I leave in May I will be able to leave things in good order for the next cycle.

“Yes. Sound like a brilliant idea. Can we do South America? I haven’t been there yet.”

Six months later, we are in my family home in Herzegovina (of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and there are raised voices. Nick wants to explore options for sponsorship, I just want to walk into work quietly one day, see if they will give me a sabbatical and, if they don’t,  I can wish them well and go on my adventure. Now, if I can blog my way round in a way that makes the site useful to someone then great but I really am not sure about the idea of having to blog about some gear just because someone gave it to me for free. I do want the gear though. I love tech gear.

Tech gear gives us even more things to argue about. My current wish list: small laptop, external hard drive, kindle (x2), phone, gps, iPad. For clarity, it really doesn’t have to be an iPad but I do want something I can read maps on. I will be navigator and carrying enough maps for this trip will be hard. I need to find out if I can get electronic maps for the whole journey and it would be brilliant if I could view them on a touch device and that touch device will need to be bigger than a phone.

I also want to take a camera, video camera, a helmet cam would be super-cool for capturing those things I get to see as pillion passenger and then I am going to need some sort of charging devices.

It may be becoming clear why there are some arguments.

One motorbike, one topbox, two pannier boxes. I haven’t even mentioned the tent, the cooker, water, some tools and we will need some clothes.

I wonder if I can tech myself up with open-source only? I won’t be willing to sacrifice the Kindle (if you have one you will agree with me, if you don’t you should get one) but the rest might be possible.

The other thing about sponsorship is that I have no issue seeking it out if it is for charity. Would I feel better if all sponsorship went to Oxfam?

So here is my list of current outstanding questions:

  1. Do I want to go from Alaska to Ushaia? I definitely want to do South America. As long as I get to visit my friend in Vancouver and have good enough maps to find some nice routes through North America then yes.
  2. How long do I want to go for? I think 6 months is enough. Nick started at 6 but keeps pushing it up and it is currently sitting at 10 months. This change is partly my fault for pointing out that coming home to the UK in December would be a bit of a drag so he took that to mean that we should return in February but hasn’t shifted the departure date.
  3. When do I want to leave? See above. We could leave end of July and have Alaska at its most summery. 6 months from then will have us returning in February.
  4. What navigation gear do I want to bring with me? I love maps. I also love using my fingers to zoom. I need to make that happen.
  5. What recording devices do I need? I need to be able to take photos and video – do I? – it would be nice to be able to take photos when Nick pretends not to notice that I asked him to stop. I wonder if I could rig up some sort of helmet cam with a trigger I can hold in my hand.
  6. One kindle or two? Maybe one kindle, one actual book which gets swapped and one kindle app on the laptop.
  7. Will we need a laptop? I think so. Maybe we don’t.
  8. Oh, and I keep forgetting – are we going to take those helmet microphone things?
  9. Can we do this trip so that it raises money for Oxfam? Should we?

I am going to stop now. I need to actually go and do some research.

One comment on “Arguing

  1. Hi Nick,

    Sounds like a great trip! Good luck.

    My son is living in Bucaramanga in Colombia teaching English – he’d be pleased to meet you and show you around if you get there.


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