How Lucky am I?

How Lucky am I?

So Ivanka and I have been an item for almost a year and a half now and I have met somebody who loves adventure as much as I do. I met Ivanka through her brother Tommy one evening; months previously we were enjoying several late night/early morning pints and he said I should meet his sister. I thought to myself: would that be wise? He is a good mate and all that but do I want to go out with his sister? If it went wrong would he get pissed off? Is this the right thing to do?

Anyway, it all worked a treat. After attending a mates wedding in the August of 2009 I hooked up with Tommy and his sister Ivanka and we hit is off straight away. The intro was simple: “Action man, meet action woman – you two should talk.” And that was that. She never went home.

Back to the point. I have found a companion, a beautiful woman and she loves sitting on the back of the bike. Ivanka tells me she feels like a princess being ridden around; she just sits on the back and drifts off into her own world and watches the world go by. Whether it is heading off to the Dalmatian coast for a couple of weeks or returning to see the folks in Derbyshire she is an ideal pillion.

Ivanka is a very independent type who has had as much fun as I have had traveling-wise. Within weeks of meeting her I mentioned that I was going on a trip to Mount Everest Basecamp with friends in December that year. Ivanka joined us for the trip so our first holiday together was trip to the Himalayas.

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