Brighton Sea Kayaking and Mackerel

Brighton Sea Kayaking and Mackerel

Living in Brighton gives you great opportunities to play around with your grown up toys. Whether its a windy day and you want to go kitesurfing, or a still day and the other option is to get out on the kayaks and catch yourself some fish.

I have two Bic Ocean Kayaks which I share with my friend Sophie which we bought about 5 years ago and we have certainly had a few adventures on the sea, up the Adur river or along the Seven Sisters Country Park Estuary.  What I like about kayaking in Brighton is that you can miss all of the crowds that Brighton attracts and you can have your own peace and tranquility out at sea and have a good catch up with your mates. You can watch the bustling crowds from afar, plus you can catch your dinner and eat fresh fish within an hour of catching them.

When we go out to sea in Brighton we always go armed with a makerel line and we always enjoy venturing through the two piers. The circuit is usually entering the water from the east side of Brighton Pier, then after that we head west through or round Brighton’s main pier then we head towards the burnt down West Pier which is over a kilometer away. Depending on the shore drift and the swell we then decide whether it is wise to head out to the lobster pots and find some fish for dinner. The Brighton sea can be treacherous so it is very important to give the sea the respect it deserves; if the shore dump is too big or the white sea horses are too big then it is always a good idea to take a back seat on the sports for the day or go mountain biking or something.

In terms of catches of the day, the best we have ever achieved is catching 18 makerel in one go. If you are lucky enough to find  great catch like this then its a good idea to get on the phone to your friends so you can celebrate your success. Then it may be  a case of wrapping the fish in individually wrapped pieces of foil with oil, herbs and spices; then perhaps a quick visit to the local chip shop so you can have fish and chips beside the sea.

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