Adventure Motorcycling Highlights, the FINAL CUT, 3 Continents in 3 Vids

Adventure Motorcycling Highlights, the FINAL CUT, 3 Continents in 3 Vids

Adventure Motorcycling Highlights – North, Central and South America

Adventure Motorcycling Video highlights from the big trip as we arrived in Anchorage in Alaska and then traveled south through Canada, America, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. 15 countries in total, 29,500 miles over 12 months.

Very difficult to summarise 10 months into three short videos but we have managed to capture some of our best videos and photos to give you a real taste of what we encountered along the way. So here it is, the whole of our big trip in three songs and a few extra bits. Get yourself a cuppa and a few biscuits  and enjoy our adventure motorcycling video highlight marathon.

Part 1 – South America

From the Bolivian Salt Flats, to Machuu Pichuu, then Patagonia to the Ecuadorian jungle. This video features us arriving at the top of South America in Cartagena, then meandering down to the ‘bottom of the world’ to the town of Ushuaia, Southern Argentina. Check out the extra video footage at the end which talks about our most difficult days riding. Music: Jamiroquai – Canned Heat.

Part 2 – Central America

Arriving in Mexico, then heading south  through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Here we met the Stahlratte fishing boat and travelled south (as always) through the San Blas islands to Cartagena. Extra footage includes our little chat with the camera as we talk about potential roadside robberies in Guatemala. Music: Blur, Park Life.

Part 3 – North America

Here we arrived in Anchorage, unpacked the bike from its crate then headed north up to the Arctic Circle to the town of Deadhorse – the ‘top of the world.’ After this we head through British Colombia, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver, San Fran, Yosamite, Death Valley, Orange County and then Tijuana – The gateway to the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. Music: The Doors, LA Woman

We hope you enjoy the footage and we welcome everyone’s comments particularly from those that we met along the way.

Part 1 – South America

Part 2 – Central America

Part 3 – North America – The Beginning

Outdoor Motorbike Cover – BMW GS Adventure

Outdoor Motorbike Cover

Outdoor Motorcycle Cover for a BMW GS Adventure Motorcycle: Review

Finding an indoor or outdoor motorbike cover which will fit a BMW GS Adventure motorcycle or just a BMW GS is very hard work in my opinion. Particularly when you are buying an XL motorcycle cover off the shelf in the hope that it will cover the extent of your large bike, its top box, any additional panniers and its mirrors. It just won’t work usually.

So recently I have found an excellent quality motorbike cover for my new BMW GS Adventure and it is by far the best I have ever found for an adventure motorcycle. It was via Prestige Motorcycle Covers which I found one Saturday when I was looking through the web. I went for a black and green design which you can see in the post image.

They seem to provide the most stylish custom made semi-fitted  outdoor motorbike covers you can buy on the market today, plus they are available for a range of motorbikes: Scooters, Adventure, Enduro, Trial, Trail, Retro, Cruisers & Sports Bikes.

What happens with them is you provide them with 5 measurements for your bike, you then select the colour (10 to choose from) and material you want and then they tailor make a motorcycle cover specific for your bike (indoor or outdoor) and then they send it to you in the post free of charge.

The material they use is waterproof and breathable, the design of the motorcycle cover means you have additional straps within the design so you can stop any flapping, it is a snug fit, plus the quality of the end product means that it will last for a long time.

Unfortunately my bike sits on the pavement every night as we don’t have a garage and it has to survive the UK winter and lots of salty sea air. So the new outdoor motorcycle cover means it is well covered during the day and night, it is out of sight, it is protected from the elements and it doesn’t draw any attention to it.

In the past I have had covers which only just go over the top box at the back but the cover never seemed to stretch further past the seat. So you were squeezing a cover on, it wasn’t doing the job and if you buy a universal large motorcycle cover off the shelf I’m sorry but you aren’t getting something which fits well for your motorbike.

The cost was very reasonable too. You are paying about £20-£30 more for the cover compared to other suppliers of off the shelf products, but you are guaranteed a quality motorcycle cover from a professional team. In total I paid £80 for something which was custom made and I am very happy, knowing that this motorcycle cover will look after the BMW GS for years to come.

Here are the details for Prestige Motorbike Covers:

They can be contacted on 0191 284 6498

Planning an Adventure Motorcycling Trip

Planning an Adventure Motorcycling Trip

Planning for an Adventure Motorcycling Trip.

Here is a video which introduces the idea of planning for an adventure motorcycling trip. Not one of our most exciting videos but informative none the less and it covers essential feedback from our trip along with top tips ahead of your trip should you go away in future. The image we have selected for this post is a bridge crossing in Patagonia with friends Kevin, Markus and Glenn; a fantastic part of the trip and really defining the term adventure motorcycling.

Why and when are you going on your adventure motorcycling trip?

Is it a sabbatical trip, are you doing it for charity or are you looking to escape your current world? When are you going to make the trip, have you thought about the variety of seasons you may be passing through, how many miles in total will it be and what sort of money will you be taking?

Where will you go off on your adventure motorcycling tour?

Have you got time to go through Asia, what are the visa requirements. Did you know that it was relatively easy for a Brit to pass through North and South America?

Adventure Motorcycling Top Tips.

Here we tell you why the SPOT, the tent, different wallets, learning to pick your bike up and a Sat Nav are gadgets and pieces of kit that we highly recommend.

Here is our planning guide to adventure motorcycling.

Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

Bosnian (well, Herzegovinian) biker hostel? Oh yes!

My family home is in Vitina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My mother, who is now mostly retired, comes and spends her summers here and she has long been looking for something that she can do from May to September. Enter our new biker friendly hostel!

I think the last 10 months of traveling have made us some sort of experts and my mother is an overlander of great pedigree having done London to Singapore on an Odyssey Overland truck. She then did Australia, New Zealand and South America in a similar style. You can see some of her pictures here.

We have parking, internet, shower, clean beds, room to sit in the shade and have a beer and tons and tons of information on how to get the best out of the area. If you come in September you may even be able to pick yourself a delicious pomegranate!

Tell your friends and pop by to hang out with the Majic Family!

Ivanka, Nick and Ann (a.k.a Mrs Majic)



Heading off again – Looking forward to Bosnia Hercegovina

Heading off again

So we made it from the top to the bottom of the world and it feels great to be heading off to sunny climates for a couple of months.

Join us on our adventure motorcycling journey from the UK to Bosnia Hercegovina as we hope to fit in a bit more riding and enjoying stuff.

South East Coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires – It’s time to come home!

South East Coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires

Featuring the final leg of the journey as we headed from Tierra Del Fuego up Ruta 3, all the way to Buenos Aires. This adventure motorcyling video features clips from the stunning Peninsula Valdes with all its wildlife all the way up to packaging the bike with the freight forwarding company at the Buenos Aires airport.

A big thank you to everyone we have met along the way – it has been the most incredible journey and one we will keep with us forever.

For those of you in the UK and in Croatia, we look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Patagonia to Ushuaia – the bottom of the world

Patagonia to Ushuaia

This part of the trip has been a absolute pleasure with breathtaking scenery and remoteness that we haven’t encountered before!

Here are the highlights of Patagonia all the way from southern Chile to southern Argentina.

Highlights include arriving in Ushuaia at the bottom of the world and the all the amazing scenery along the way.
The video also features scenes of a domestic nature ‘egggate’ as Nick and Ivanka have a few words about why the eggs were broken? This adventure motorcycling isn’t straight forward you know!


Crossing the Bolivian Desert – Video

Crossing the Bolivian Desert

These are the video highlights of one day motorcycling in Bolivia.

We had left the Uyuni Salt Flats and were heading to Chile via a national park with promise of beautiful lakes, flamingos and hot-springs. That was definitely true but the road was tough, very tough, as you will see.

Remember, the harder bits aren’t on video because Ivanka had to hold on.

Update from Chile – Road blocks and dodgey old bridges

Update from Chile

Sorry we haven’t reported in for a while!

We have been in deepest Chile/ Patagonia/ Argentina in the middle of the mountains with very little internet.

Here are a few videos, the first one of which gives you a good update of what we encountered in Chile.

The second one shows you what the road was like as we drove four bikes over a rickety bridge to get back from a campsite.

Crossing the Atacama Desert – Travel Update

Crossing the Atacama Desert

Latest Travel Update while crossing the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile.

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